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Our Story

We saw a recent influx of apps that tracked your footprint, but they all relied on a huge amount of guess work when it came to food. Everywhere we looked, the solution was always offsets. We want to help people to understand the impacts of food and to help them make important changes, with the best data available. So how do we help people to pursue change? We incentivise our users to have a more planet friendly diet and provide them with a platform, where people can share recipes, learn and feel part of a community with one mutual goal – SAVING THE PLANET.

Our Mission

Planet positive change through our diets

At Eat Green we want to give everyone the ability, the knowledge and reason to change their consumption habits in the global fight against climate change. A change in our diets can create a sustainable food system that will make good and healthy foods accessible, prevent biodiversity loss, lower emissions and protect our natural resources for future generations. A mutually beneficial food system will allow humans and animals to thrive together.