Cheap and tasty, tomato pasta


( Serves 2)

Cooking Time: 15 minutes



  • Olive oil 15 grams/ml
  • Tinned tomatoes 400 grams/ml
  • Garlic 5 grams/ml
  • Chilli powder 5 grams/ml
  • Pasta 200 grams/ml
  • Basil, herb 5 grams/ml


  • Pour about a tbsp of olive oil into a pan and add your garlic clove (sliced) and chilli flakes.
  • Cook them for about a minute and then add your tinned tomatoes and a couple basil leaves. Cook at a gentle temperature.
  • Once the tinned tomatoes are on, put your pasta on.
  • Add a pinch of sugar to the tomatoes and some pasta water.
  • When the pasta is nearly done, season the tomatoes.
  • Add your pasta to the tomato pan and stir until it is all coated.
  • Serve. Adding a couple basil leaves and some more black pepper and a dash of olive oil

Extra Notes

  • Tinned tomatoes are a better choice than locally grown tomatoes out of season.
  • We used spaghetti, but most types pasta can be used.

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