Lebanese lentils & yellow rice


( Serves 2)

Cooking Time: 20



  • Rice 65 grams/ml
  • Eggs 2 grams/ml
  • Lentils 240 grams/ml
  • Onion 50 grams/ml
  • Spinach 100 grams/ml
  • Cabbage 60 grams/ml
  • Dried vine fruits 25 grams/ml
  • Cumin powder 5 grams/ml
  • Ground coriander 5 grams/ml
  • Turmeric 5 grams/ml
  • Olive oil 25 grams/ml
  • Lemon 10 grams/ml



  1. cook the rice in water according to package intructions.
  2. meanwhile, heat the oil in a pan and fry the chopped onion, garlic and coriander powder. 
  3. add the finely chopped cabbage and spinach. chop up a couple of handfuls of sultanas and throw them in. Add more oil as needed. 
  4. drain a 400g can of lentils and add to the pan, frying until crispy. divide between two bowls.
  5. put the pan back on the heat. By now, the rice should be cooked. 
  6. whisk 2 eggs in a bowl, or more if desired.
  7. add the rice to the pan, and stir in the eggs. Add the cumin and turmeric and stir for a fe wminutes until fragrant, and until the egg is combined and fully cooked. 
  8. Divide between the two bowls and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice over the top

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