Mushroom and pea risotto


( Serves 4)

Cooking Time: 40 minutes



  • Rice 300 grams/ml
  • Mushrooms 500 grams/ml
  • Peas 250 grams/ml
  • Onion 120 grams/ml
  • Wine 175 grams/ml
  • Garlic 5 grams/ml
  • Olive oil 30 grams/ml
  • Stock 30 grams/ml


  • Get a nice, deep dish and pour in the Olive oil.
  • Fry your mushrooms, and once cooked take them out and leave to the side.
  • Add your onion, finely chopped, and sweat for 5 minutes (until softened).
  • Chuck in the garlic and cook for about a minute.
  • Get your lovely arborio rice and add it to the pan, stir until translucent (be gentle with it).
  • Pour in your wine and let it bubble away until gone.
  • Now add some of your stock and stir. You got to stir very regularly.
  • When it looks low add a bit more and continue this process over about 20-30 minutes (until the rice is cooked).
  • When you think the rice is nearly done (looks nice and creamy) add your peas.
  • Season well.

Extra Notes

  • You can add nutritional yeast, or cheese and butter if veggie.
  • 120g= roughly 1 onion
  • Use white wine.

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