Pea and leek soup


( Serves 4)

Cooking Time: 25 minutes



  • Leeks 240 grams/ml
  • Green Peas 200 grams/ml
  • Olive oil 30 grams/ml
  • Garlic 5 grams/ml
  • Stock 15 grams/ml
  • Rye bread and rolls 40 grams/ml


  • Chop your 2 leeks and add to a pot with olive oil (2tbsp).
  • Cook for 10 minutes until soft and then add a garlic clove. Cook for another minute and then pour in 1 litre of stock (we use stock cubes to make this basic stock).
  • Add the peas and leave to boil gently for 5-8 minutes. Add some seasoning.
  • Take off the heat, let cool, then blend until smooth.
  • Pour the soup back into the pot. Taste the soup to see if it needs extra seasoning (it probably will).
  • Take off eat and cut some slices of brown bread to have with.

Extra Notes

  • The bread amount is about a slice each.

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