Red pepper penne pasta


( Serves 2)

Cooking Time: 35 minutes



  • Peppers 320 grams/ml
  • Pasta 270 grams/ml
  • Tomatoes 150 grams/ml
  • Garlic 5 grams/ml
  • Olive oil 15 grams/ml


  • Roast the peppers in the oven for ten minutes in a little bit of olive oil.
  • After 5 minutes add the tomatoes and cook until they are cooked and softened.
  • Let them cool for 5 minutes and out in the blender with the garlic and a tbs of olive oil and blend. It should be a bright red/orange smooth sauce (add some water if a bit rough).
  • Cook your pasta in salted water and heat up your sauce in a pan on a low heat and season.
  • Add your cooked pasta to the pan (and a spoonful of pasta water if needed) and toss until covered in the lovely sauce.
  • You can add nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour if u wish

Extra Notes

  • Add a bit of sugar if tart.

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